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The focus of Dr.Amadi's practice is disease prevention and health optimization using natural means preferably, and medication only as a last resort when other herbs/supplements or natural treatments will not work quickly enough to stabilize the patient. We provide indiviualized care to our patients. We listen, we learn and we treat - our patients with kindness and respect. We provide both traditional and alternative therapies to help our patients find relief from chronic ailments. We are an experienced, dedicated and caring team of healthcare professionals.Learn more about Dr. Amadi and her practice.

Our goal is make our patients feel welcome and comfortable. We take the time to listen to your concerns and provide you with individualized treatment plans. Many of our clients come to us after years of pain and discomfort with little or no help from the traditional healthcare system. Learn more Dr. Amadi's Practice.

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Thank You for your talents and skills as doctor and healer. I feel fortunate to have found you. My progress has been nothing short of miraculous, more than I ever expected. Thank You Dr. Amadi!


We provide a variety of alternative therapies, they include:


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